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Wife poured boiling water mixed with sugar on her sleeping husband, died due to severe burns

London : A heart-wrenching case has come to light in the UK, here in Chester, a woman put her husband to death by pouring boiling water mixed with sugar. The name of the woman who carried out this dreadful incident is Corina Smith, who is 59 years old. Corina boiled water by pouring sugar in a bucket and while boiling poured that water on her husband. In this incident, 80-year-old Michael was badly burnt. The surprising thing is that after carrying out this incident, the accused woman herself went and told the whole thing to her neighbor. She said that maybe I killed my husband. As soon as the neighbor heard about Michael’s burning, he immediately rushed to the spot and hurriedly got the victim admitted to the hospital. But his life could not be saved. During the incident, the body of the woman’s husband had suffered 36% burns and he died during treatment. Police arrested the accused woman and produced her before the court Chester Crown Court, from where she was sent to jail. It was told in the court that on June 14, the woman put water in a bucket to boil and mixed sugar in it, so that the liquid would thicken and cause maximum damage to the victim. However, what was the intention of the woman behind this horrific incident, it has not been disclosed.