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Elli Avram plays Cupid in Evelyn Sharma’s love story

Evelyn Sharma met her love Tushan Bhindi on a blind date organized by their common friend Elli Avram. Evelyn and Tushan actually lived on a street apart in Bandra for many years, but never really knew each other. Tushaan completed his work in Mumbai in late 2018 and was ready to relocate to Australia. That’s when Ellie insists on going on a blind date with her best friend Evelyn before leaving India.

Evelyn says, I never believed in love at first sight until I met Tushan.
She decided to leave her native Germany and India to live with Tushan in Australia in March 2020, early in the pandemic.

It’s been a big decision to move to a new country without seeing her family and friends, Evelyn said, but it’s good to live life with her soulmate.

Commenting on their secret marriage, Ellie said, Since I know both Evelyn and Tushan, I was pretty sure they would be perfect for each other, an absolute power couple! Today, I am overjoyed to see these two beautiful souls happily married. There can be no better feeling than this! I always wish greatness in the journey with him.