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Uttar Pradesh / Lucknow : Handed over the missing unclaimed bag to the heir

Outpost in-charge NER Force Station premises during checking of incoming trains, train number 08103 in Jhansi Intercity on Sunday, a trolley bag was found in an unclaimed condition. When questioned on the platform, no one told it to be theirs, the trolley bag was brought to the chowki Haja, in which after some time a woman, Zakia Begum, came to the chowki Haja crying, she told that I have my trolley bag which is green in color which contains ten thousand rupees. Jhansi had gone out of the station forgetting gold jewelery and istimali clothes in the intercity train. After interrogating the woman regarding the trolley bag, she was shown the trolley bag and she told that it is my own trolley bag. Taking necessary action, the trolley bag and its contents were handed over to the lady Zakia Begum. GRP police praised by the woman after getting it.