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Oxygen would have saved people, not PM Modi’s tears: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that we have prepared the White Paper in detail, it is not aimed that the government has committed various mistakes. Rather, it is to help prepare the country for the third wave. The third wave is about to come in the country, so we are again telling the government that they should make full preparations for it.

Rahul Gandhi said that the goal of the White Paper is to prepare for the third wave so that when the third wave comes, people can easily get oxygen, medicines, beds in the hospital. Corona is not just a biological disease but an economic social disease, so the government needs to provide financial assistance to the poor people.

He alleged that many people have died due to lack of oxygen. The tears of PM Modi could not wipe away the tears of these families. All those families know that PM’s tears could not save them but oxygen could have saved them.