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Uttarakhand / Almora : Identified accident prone sites

The police have started an initiative to prevent accidents on important motorways of the district. SSP Pankaj Bhatt has given instructions for identification of possible accident sites for this. Under this, Traffic Inspector Ganesh Hardiya marked such places on the roads in Danya and Lamgada on Tuesday. Crash barriers and warning boards will be installed in these places along with other arrangements for safety. The SSP had given instructions to take such initiatives to prevent vehicle accidents in the monthly crime meeting held recently. He had said that at such a place, also see the condition of the parapets in the road. If there is a need for lopping of trees anywhere, please provide this information. The team that went to the area identified the accident prone sites near Chalnichina and Khanyari Tok in Danya and Edi Temple in Lamgada, Jakh Tewari, Dol Ashram and Hathi Khan in Lamtana. Cress barriers were installed at places of sharp turn. SIV Jagat Singh, Constable Vikram Singh, Anil Kumar etc. were involved with Hardiya.