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I prefer to look different than look good on screen: Anasuya Bharadwaj

Telugu actress Anasuya Bharadwaj says ever since she made her debut in 2016 film ‘Kshanam’, she has always tried to play a variety of characters. She emphasizes that the motive behind each character is to make her look different on screen, even if it doesn’t make her look traditionally pretty.

Anasuya said, “My objective behind choosing a film is that I don’t like to look too good, but I want to look different on screen. I don’t like to bore people, I like to surprise them. Everyone likes to be surprised.

The actress was recently seen in the film ‘Thank You Brother’, a psychological thriller. The actress played a pregnant woman named Priya, one of the two main leads.

Anasuya, who has also been a part of films like ‘Rangasthalam’, ‘Gayatri’ and ‘Kathanam’, says she is always conscious to strike a balance between glamorous and non-glamorous roles on screen.

I have always been sure that I have to balance the glam part and the intense, non glam part. So that I can become an actor of all classes and it is a conscious effort.

Thank You Brother is Anasuya’s first release on the OTT platform. The actress says that she never shot for the film keeping in mind the release platform.

Anasuya says that when Shesh narrated the story to me, he didn’t tell me which character he wanted to cast me for. So, when she narrated, I actually imagined myself (heroine) playing the character of Adah (Sharma). I was shocked when she suddenly said that she was looking for the character of ACP. I took a day off, and woke up the next day with clarity why not to experiment?