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Uttarakhand / Champawat : BJP government’s pot of sin is full: AAP

Demanded CM’s resignation

Aam Aadmi Party has targeted the government over the Kumbh scam. The workers said that the pot of sin of the BJP government has been filled. He reached in front of the BJP office with a pitcher in his hand and broke the pot while shouting slogans. He also demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister. State Spokesperson Sangeeta Sharma said that during the BJP rule, the public did not get anything except pain. Here District Coordinator Deepak Bhatt, Organization Minister Dinesh Rawat, Kusumlata, Narayan Singh Gaida, Usman, Naresh Gupta, Rajaram, Bhuvan, Uzair Ansari, Najra, Geeta, Radhika, Shakuntala, Meera etc.