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Ayodhya became like Lord Ram, who assimilated the whole country

⏺️PM reviewed the projects related to Ayodhya
⏺️Instructions given to complete the projects before the construction of Ram temple
⏺️ Said – its spiritual and sublime identity seen in New Ayodhya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the development projects from Ayodhya today. After seeing the vision document related to the future Ayodhya in the review, the PM gave many suggestions on his behalf. He said that the future Ayodhya should be built like Lord Ram. Such an Ayodhya, which has the ability to assimilate the whole of India like Lord Rama, so that the coming generations will inevitably want to visit Ayodhya at least once in their lives. PM directed to complete all projects before construction of Ram temple.
During this, the PM reminded that Ayodhya is such a city which is inscribed in the consciousness of all Indians. In this way, the new city should be one in which our best traditions and best changes related to development can be clearly seen. He said that before building a new city, we have to understand that Ayodhya is both spiritual and sublime. The future infrastructure of the city should match the human ethos of this city. Such construction will benefit every section including tourists, pilgrims, people associated with spirituality.

Take care of cultural vibrancy

During this, the PM also reminded of the ancient cultural identity of Ayodhya. He said that there should be rapid development in Ayodhya. The projects which have been approved should be completed at a faster pace. In any case, these projects should be completed before the construction of Ram Mandir. He said that we should celebrate the identity of Ayodhya but keep its cultural vibrancy alive in innovative ways.

Ensure healthy public participation

The PM said that the spirit of healthy public participation should also be ensured in development works and construction works. He said that the spirit of healthy public participation has been visible many times during the time of Lord Ram. He said that the youth of the country are full of talent in terms of skills. The skills of such youth should be harnessed in development work.

Ayodhya will be built as per PM’s instructions

In the meeting, a presentation was made by the officials regarding the projects. During this, the officials said that it is envisaged to develop Ayodhya as a global tourism hub, spiritual center and sustainable smart city. State CM Yogi Adityanath, both deputy CMs Keshav Maurya and Dinesh Sharma, ministers Suresh Khanna, Ashutosh Tandon, Neelkanth Tiwari, Mahendra Singh, Ayodhya Development Authority vice-chairman Vishal Singh, state chief secretary, tourism secretary etc.