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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : Vaccination campaign launched in Bahra University

Vaccines a total of 150 people

As part of the vaccination campaign being run to prevent the corona epidemic, a vaccination campaign was conducted on Saturday at Bahra University located in Waknaghat, Solan. The team of Health Department vaccinated the employees, officers and people around here in the Bahra University campus. This information was given by Gaurav Bali, Public Relations Officer of the University. He told that a total of 150 people were given corona vaccine during this period. In which the staff officers of the university, the students of the university and the people around were involved.

He said that Bahra University is always ready for social work on the guidelines of the Chairman of the University, Gurvinder Bahara. In such a situation, in the coming time also, a re-vaccination campaign will be conducted for the people around here in collaboration with the Health Department so that the people around can get the benefit of it. Health Supervisor Jayant Kumar of Health Department, Resident Medical Officer of Bahra University Nivedita Chandel and other employees were present on this occasion.