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India’s attack on Corona intensified

3.3 crore vaccines applied in a week

No one is aware of the devastation caused by the second wave of corona virus in India. Thousands of people lost their lives here. But now India has intensified the attack on Corona. After the start of the new phase of vaccination in India on the occasion of International Yoga Day, now the pace of vaccination has accelerated. About three and a half crore vaccines have been administered in India this week, which is a record in itself. In India, more than 80 lakh people were vaccinated in a single day (on 21st June). This number is equal to the population of Switzerland. Data from the Union Health Ministry said that between June 21 and June 26, more than 3.3 crore people have been given vaccine doses. Earlier, the weekly record for vaccination was 2.47 million doses, which was recorded between April 3 and April 9.

Maharashtra at the fore

Maharashtra on Friday became the first state to administer the Kovid-19 vaccine dose to over 3 crore people. In Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal also, the figures for giving vaccine are between two crore and three crore doses.
How did vaccination accelerate?

A new phase of vaccination was started in India on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Under this many states organized mega vaccination camps. With the help of this, on June 21, the figure of one day vaccination has exceeded 80 lakhs. After this, the number of daily vaccinations came down from 80 lakhs to about 60 lakhs, but still the record of highest weekly vaccination was set.

Vaccine program will be faster

The government has said that the number of vaccinations will actually increase as both Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India are ramping up vaccine production in July, August. In such a situation, private hospitals will also start buying vaccines from vaccine manufacturers from their 25 percent quota. The government had earlier said that it would vaccinate the entire population by December 2021. However, according to experts, the hesitation and lack of supply of vaccine in rural areas can pose a challenge at this time.