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Suspended government employees should be fully paid dearness allowance arrears: Singhvi

The Congress said that the central government should make full payment of dearness allowance dues to government employees and soldiers from July 1, which was suspended last year citing the Corona crisis.

Party spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said on Saturday that of the 1.15 crore people whose dearness allowance was withheld, 41 lakh are soldiers and ex-servicemen. He told reporters that the Modi government, taking a strange decision last year, suspended the dearness allowance from January 1, 2020. Kicked on the stomach of 115 lakh people. This includes soldiers, retired soldiers and employees. According to Singhvi, the reason for this was attributed to the Kovid crisis by the government. The reason for this decision of his is not understood till date because people should be helped more during the Corona period. He urged the central government that our demand is that the entire dues should be given from July 1. Let there be no fraud in it. Give full allowance from July 1 onwards also. It has been too late. There should be no delay now. The Congress leader alleged that there is a continuous cut in the allowance of the army, is this nationalism? This is a kind of attack, a kind of surgical strike on government employees and army people.