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Parents must get the polio dose to the little ones – Sunil Arora

Haridwar : Under the aegis of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha and COVID Helpline, masks, toffees, sanitizers, fruits, biscuits were distributed to the children in the pulse polio camps. Polio doses were administered in different areas. On this occasion, State General Secretary, Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha, Sunil Arora said that under the Pulse Polio campaign, children were given polio drops in various areas including Jatwara bridge. Sunil Arora said that polio is being eradicated from the country. Under the polio campaign by the government, small children are being given polio doses. To make children polio free. Children are the future leaders of the country. Children decide the future of the country in the future. He said that the protection and promotion of children should be done with the participation of all. During the Corona period, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep the children safe from infection. Abhishek Sethi said that everyone should contribute in social activities. There is a need to encourage the doctors who are feeding the children. Dr. Komal and Dr. Nalind said that the country has to be made polio free. Parents should be aware of polio dosage and give polio dose to every child. State and central governments are running campaigns to eradicate polio from the root. The distribution of food items and masks by the members of Mahasabha and Kovid Helpline to the little ones is commendable. During this, Abhishek Sethi, Manu Kajla etc. cooperated.