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Uttarakhand : Traders demonstrated by whistling the demand for holding Kanwar Mela

Showing administrative ability, organize Kanwar Mela: Dr. Neeraj Singhal

Haridwar : The Provincial Industry Trade Board has demanded the government to organize a Kumbh Mela. On the demand of holding the Kumbh Mela, traders, under the leadership of Provincial Industries Trade Board District President Dr. Neeraj Singhal and General Secretary Sanjay Triwal, demonstrated on the Upper Road, whistling on the lines of Kanwariyas. During the demonstration, Dr. Neeraj Singhal said that the government and administration should reconsider their decision to postpone the Kanwar Mela in the interest of traders and Hindus. He said that after the onset of Corona epidemic in 2020, the Kanwar Mela has been postponed for the second consecutive year. Traders are facing a very difficult financial crisis due to the closure of shops for a long time during the lockdown. Singhal said that the cases of corona are continuously decreasing. Presently the situation is much better than before. In such a situation, the government and the administration should duly conduct the Kanwar Mela, showing willpower and administrative ability. This will also test the efficiency of the administration. District General Secretary Sanjay Triwal said that the government, which talks about Hindu, wants to give a message to the Hindu society by postponing the Kanwar fair held every year in Sawan. He said that the economy of Uttarakhand and Haridwar is completely based on religious tourism. Crores of Shivakts from all over the country come to Haridwar to collect Gangajal in the Kanwar fair held every year. Due to which the traders get profit. The government also gets a huge amount of revenue. But the Kanwar Mela is being postponed for two years. Due to which the traders are incurring heavy losses. Seeking the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Aditya Yogi Nath, he said that all Hindu leaders, Shankaracharyas, Mahamandaleshwar Dharmacharyas should hold talks with the Uttarakhand government and Haridwar administration for the successful completion of Sawan Mela in the interest of Hindus. Triwal said that the traders are fed up with the guidelines of the government. Pilgrims who came to Haridwar are being harassed in the name of Corona. When the government is relaxing the corona curfew in Nainital and Mussoorie, then Haridwar should also be opened for the passengers. Traders like Sunil Kumar, Sanjeev Saxena, Suraj Kumar, Raju Sharma, Munna Kumar, Prince Rawat etc. were among those who performed.