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India sent 50 thousand more soldiers to the border against China

⏺️India has sent 50 thousand soldiers to the border

⏺️This ‘historic’ decision amid tension with China

⏺️Tension continues in India-China since April last year

There has been a dispute between India and China in the matter of border since April last year on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of eastern Ladakh. The relations between the two countries were very tense in the beginning, but after a series of continuous meetings, the tension has reduced to some extent in the past. However, some reports of the activities of the Chinese army near the border have again changed the atmosphere. In such a situation, India has sent 50 thousand soldiers to the border, strengthening its preparations. This decision of India against China is considered to be ‘historic’.

More than two lakh total soldiers deployed on the border

According to a Bloomberg report, four people familiar with the matter said that over the past few months, India has deployed troops and fighter jets squadrons to three different areas along its border with China. In all, about 2,00,000 soldiers of India are now frozen on the border. Two people said that this number is 40 percent more than last year. The purpose of India’s first military presence on the border was to stop the movement of Chinese forces. Now the new deployment will give Indian commanders more options to attack China and capture its territory, if necessary, in a strategy known as offensive defence.

How many Chinese soldiers were present on the border?

Although it is not yet clear how many Chinese soldiers are on the border, but India has found that the People’s Liberation Army (Chinese Army) has recently transferred additional forces from Tibet to the Xinjiang Military Command. The responsibility of this command is to patrol this area. Two people told that China is adding new runways, bomb-proof bunker houses, fighter jets and new airfields on the disputed border in Tibet. He said Beijing has also deployed long-range artillery, tanks, rockets and two-engine fighter jets in the past few months. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a regular press conference in Beijing on Monday in response to a question about the deployment of the army, “The current situation on the border between China and India remains stable. The two sides resolve border issues.” To negotiate.”

Army, Air Force and Navy all ready

On the other hand, on Sunday, senior military officers including Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Army Chief General MM Naravane were in Ladakh to review the military preparedness on the border. According to the information, the Indian Air Force has been deployed in Arunachal Pradesh to support the Rafale fighter jets imported from France equipped with long-range missiles. Along with this, the Indian Navy has also come forward to help fully amid the tension with China. It is keeping more warships on major sea routes for a longer period.