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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Employees burnt the effigy of factory management

Haridwar. The workers fired from Satyam Auto Components located in SIDCUL along with their families took out a rally from Bhagat Singh Chowk to Chandraacharya Chowk and burnt the effigy of the factory management. During the demonstration, workers like Mahipal Singh, Chandresh and Dinesh Rana said that the workers are unemployed for four years. It is also becoming difficult to meet the expenses of the family. Workers are ready to work. But the factory management is not taking the affected workers to work. In April, in the talks held with the company management before the district officer, it was agreed to take the workers back to work after filling the disciplinary letter. But the company management has not yet taken any worker back to the job. The company management, adamant on dogma, is neither following the instructions of the state government nor the district administration. Due to which there is anger among the workers. He warned that if the workers are not taken back to work at the earliest, they will be forced to stage a sit-in demonstration, lockout and fast unto death at the factory gate. Major, Madan Mohan, Arun Kumar, Santosh, Indu Bahukhandi, Rajni Joshi, Kiran, Savita etc. were included in the demonstration and effigy burning. Congress leaders Jagdish Aswal and Manoj Jatav supported the demands of the workers and said that the workers are facing huge problems due to lack of employment in the era of inflation. The factory management should immediately take back all the workers following the rules. He warned that if the workers were not taken back to the job soon, there would be agitation.