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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Vaccine applied to 350 in vaccination camp

In the immunization camp organized at Bal Mandir School, BHEL Sector One in conjunction with senior BJP leader social worker Dr. Vishal Garg, 350 people in the age group of 18 plus were vaccinated. The vaccination camp was jointly inaugurated by Ranipur MLA Adesh Chauhan and Dr. Vishal Garg. On this occasion, MLA Adesh Chauhan said that vaccination is the only way to defeat the corona pandemic which has created a worrying situation for the whole world. The corona vaccine is completely safe and capable of defeating the epidemic. That’s why everyone must get the vaccine. Social worker Dr. Vishal Garg said that if you want to beat Corona, then definitely get the vaccine. Vaccination campaign is being carried out on a large scale by the Central and State Governments. Vaccine vaccine is similar to life saving herb. Taking advantage of the campaign, everyone should go to their nearest center and get the vaccine. Dr. Vishal Garg said that people are being made aware about vaccination by running a continuous campaign in the areas like Vishnulok Colony, Bengali Colony, Labor Colony, HEC Colony, ET Hostel etc. Considering vaccination as a social responsibility, everyone should be a part of the awareness campaign. Impressed by the awareness campaign, a large number of youths reached the camp organized in Bal Mandir to get vaccinated. The first dose of vaccine was given to 350 people in the camp. Councilors Hitesh Choudhary, Vineet Jain and Shobhit Gupta said that along with getting the vaccine vaccinated, masks, social distancing, washing hands frequently etc. must also be followed. Corona epidemic can be defeated only by following the rules. Ankit, Sachin Arora, Brijesh Sharma, Sunil Pandey etc. helped in the operation of the camp.