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Government changed 50 years old law related to pension

The central government has changed the 50-year-old law related to pension. After the law came in the year 1972, the cases of murder of pensioners started increasing. Killings were done at home for pension. Spouses or children used to kill the pensioner. In such cases, the government had suspended the family pension until a legal decision was taken. If the accused was acquitted, the family pension along with the arrears would be resumed. If the accused was convicted, the pension of the next eligible family member along with the arrears would have been resumed. Considering the slow moving Indian judicial system, this rule was no less than a big problem for the rest of the family. On June 16, the government changed this rule. The government said that in such cases the family pension would not be suspended but would be given immediately to the next eligible family member (other than the accused), whether he is the child or parent of the deceased. The new order states that the provisions have been reviewed in consultation with the Department of Legal Affairs.

The Personnel Ministry said in the order that it is wrong not to give family pension to any other family member (such as a dependent child or parent). Finalization of legal proceedings can take a long time. Due to the time taken, the eligible children / parents of the deceased may face financial problems due to non-receipt of family pension.
According to the new rule, in cases where a person eligible to receive family pension is accused of killing a government employee or abetting the commission of such an offence, the pension of that family will remain suspended, but after the criminal proceedings in this regard are over. Family pension may be allowed to other eligible family members up to Rs.
The order also states that if the spouse of a government employee is accused and the other eligible member is a minor child of the deceased government employee, then such child will get pension through the appointed guardian. The child’s mother or father (who is accused) cannot be appointed as guardian for the purpose of drawing family pension.
In the new orders, it has been said that if the accused is subsequently acquitted of the charge of murder, he will get pension from the date of acquittal. From that date the family pension being received by other family members will be stopped.