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Aircraft fuel prices increased for the second consecutive time

Airfare prices were hiked for the second time in a fortnight today due to which airfare is also expected to be costlier. According to the website of the country’s largest oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation, the price of aircraft fuel in the national capital Delhi increased by Rs 2,354.07, or 3.57 per cent, to Rs 68,262.35 per kiloliter from today. Earlier on June 16, it was increased by 2.68 percent.

There is a fortnightly review of the prices of aircraft fuel. Aircraft fuel prices have been revised five times since May 01 this year. Prices have been increased four times, whereas on June 01, there was a reduction of about one percent. During this time its price in Delhi has increased by Rs 10,457.07 i.e. 18.09 percent.

Aircraft fuel accounts for 30 to 40 percent of the total cost of airline companies. For this reason, the effect of rising air fuel prices can also be seen on airfares.

Aircraft fuel has become expensive in other cities as well. Its price in Mumbai increased by Rs 2,414.25 (3.77 per cent) to Rs 66,482.90, in Kolkata by Rs 2,289.38 (3.27 per cent) to Rs 72,295.24 and in Chennai by Rs 2,491.51 (3.69 per cent) to Rs 70,011.44 per kilolitre.