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Countries that influence China will be given a befitting reply: Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that if foreign powers try to threaten or influence China, they will be given a befitting reply. President Xinping said this while delivering a spirited speech at an event commemorating the centenary of the ruling Communist Party. Mr. Jinping further said that China will not allow any country to have any holy preaching about itself. It is widely believed to be for America.

He made this statement at a time when China is facing widespread criticism for alleged human rights abuses and its actions in Hong Kong, especially against pro-democracy activists. Relations between the US and China have declined sharply in recent days over trade, espionage and the Corona epidemic.

The issue of Taiwan is also a major cause of tension between the two countries, where Taiwan sees itself as a US-backed sovereign state, while China sees it as a separate province of its own. According to US law, if China uses force to retake the island, the US needs to provide Taiwan with the means to defend it.

Mr Jinping said China has an unwavering commitment to keep Taiwan connected with its mainland. He said that no one should be mulling over our capability and that the Chinese people are capable of defending their national sovereignty and territorial identity. Military jet fly-past and gun salute were organized and patriotic songs were played in this centenary celebrations program this morning. The event was held in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, where there was a huge crowd and most people came without masks.