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India’s new vaccine ZyCoV-D, without injection, will have to be taken in three doses

Indian company Zydus Cadila has sought emergency use approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) for its corona vaccine ZyCoV-D. There is something special in this corona vaccine, which is being said to be safe for children. This is the first palsmid DNA vaccine. Along with this, it will be injected with Pharmajet technology without the help of needle, which will reduce the risk of side effects.

The third phase trial of Zydus Cadila’s corona vaccine

ZyCoV-D has been done. It was attended by 28 thousand participants. This is the largest trial of any vaccine in India so far, its results have also been said to be satisfactory. It was trialed at 50 clinical sites in the country only during the second corona wave. It is said to be effective even on the Delta variant. Zydus Cadila’s Corona Vaccine Study Without Needle has found that Zydus Cadila’s ZyCoV-D corona vaccine is safe for children aged 12 to 18 years. It will be applied with the help of PharmaJet needle free applicator. It does not require a needle. The medicine is filled in a needleless injection, then it is put in a machine and applied on the arm. By clicking the button on the machine, the vaccine medicine reaches inside the body.

The company has said to make 10-12 crore doses annually. A total of three doses of ZyCoV-D are to be taken. All three doses are administered without the use of a needle, which is believed to reduce the risk of side effects. No hassle of cloud storage Another good thing with ZyCoV-D is that the temperature does not have to be kept too low to keep it, which means it has good thermostability. Due to this, there will be no hassle of cold chain etc., due to the lack of which till now the vaccine was being wasted. Making the vaccine on the plasmid DNA platform makes it easier. It requires minimal biosecurity. Along with this, there is no problem of vector related immunity.

What is Plasmid-based DNA Vaccine

Plasmid-based DNA vaccine works to increase antigen-specific immunity, which helps fight infection. The biggest advantage of having a Plasmid DNA vaccine is that it can be kept in a temperature of 2-8 degrees. India’s second corona vaccine is made in the Covaxin Bio-Safety Level 3 Lab. At the same time, Zydus vaccine can be made in Level 1 lab only.

Talking about its benefits, this type of formulation activates both B- and T-cells, makes the vaccine work better, confirms the absence of any infectious agent, as well as facilitates mass production. is. This was the first vaccine in India whose trial was done on 12-18 year old children. Talking about how effective the Zydus vaccine is, it was initially considered to be 66 percent effective. At the same time, moderate corona symptoms were not seen in anyone after taking the vaccine.