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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Traders took out funeral procession of tourism industry

Under the auspices of United Front Tourism Industry, traders took out the funeral procession of the tourism industry from Rahi Hotel to Khadkhari crematorium. The tourism businessmen allege that the tourism business has been completely destroyed due to the policies of the government and not being properly advocated in the High Court in the matter of Chardham Yatra. In a way, the tourism business has died. Tourism businessmen say that Uttarakhand is completely based on religious tourism. In which Chardham Yatra is the most important. Tourism activities are going on in full swing in other states. But tourism is being banned in Uttarakhand. In the funeral procession of the tourism industry that started from Rahi Hotel, officials and members of organizations like Taxi Maxi Union, Tour Operator Association, Travel Trade Association, Transport Union, Tempo Traveler Association, Dharamshala Committee, Hotel Traders etc. gathered at the District Tourism Office located at Rahi Motel. And from there, carrying the meaning of the tourism industry on the shoulders, performing the demonstration, reached the Khadkhari crematorium via Harki Paidi and performed the last rites after taking a bath in the Ganges. Traders offered flowers on the funeral procession through the markets. During this, Abhishek Ahluwalia said that if the government had put its side properly in the High Court, then the Chardham Yatra would not have stopped. Due to the stoppage of Char Dham Yatra, the back of every person associated with the tourism business has broken and he has not been able to bear the burden of his financial responsibility. Girish Bhatia, President of Taxi Maxi Union said that all taxi vehicles are standing as they are for the second consecutive year. Therefore, the government should waive the tax on vehicles for two years and also give exemption in insurance. Arvind Khaneja said that the government should give proper financial assistance to all the people associated with the tourism business. Vijay Shukla and Sanjay Sharma said that the government has not left the tourism traders anywhere. The officials of Uttarakhand Transport Federation also gave their full support and said that they are with the tourism businessmen in their struggle. Former municipal president Satpal Brahmachari also supported the movement of tourism businessmen and said that the government is talking about going to the Supreme Court after the High Court banned the Chardham Yatra. He said that if the government does not go to the Supreme Court, then he himself will file a petition in the Supreme Court. Due to the policies of the government, the state is moving towards ruin. Mayor Anita Sharma and former member Ashok Sharma also supported the demands of the traders and demanded the closure of the weekly market on Wednesday. Chandrakant Sharma, Deepak Bhalla, Anjit Kumar, Harish Bhatia, Sunil Jaiswal, Iqbal Singh, Gurchman Singh, Nirmal Singh, Suresh Thakur, Mukesh Goyal, Anuj Singhal, Sanjay Naithani, Ajay Dabral, Amit Bhalla, Ashish Pant, Ranjit Singh were in the funeral procession. , Arjun Saini, Subhash Goswami, HP Singh, Nitin Kumar, Bharat Arora, Umesh Gaur, Salim, Subodh Kumar, Umesh Paliwal, Chandra Kothari, Rajesh Vohra, Rajesh Bhumihar, Naveen Bhatia, Anil Kumar, Deepak Vaishnavi, Vicky Walia, Kuldeep Grover , Dushyant Chauhan, Rajiv Bhargava, Aman Garg etc. were prominently involved.