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Saat Tithi is a story that needs to be told: Aishwarya Narkar

Actress Aishwarya Narkar, who will soon be seen in a short film Saat Tithi, says it is a story that is important and needs to be brought to the public.

Talking about the short film, Aishwarya says, when the film’s director Kartik Singh met me and gave me a narration of Saat Tithi, I knew it was an unusual story and should be brought to the public. Rape is a serious issue in India and we all should do something. All the time we just talk about it.

She further says, through ‘Saat Tithi’ we are trying to say that a mother is the one who teaches her family and makes our society aware of many things. Therefore, when a son commits a crime, a mother should always take the right steps to punish him.

She said, the way Karthik has written the script, the graph of the character has been accurate. As an actress I just needed to think about it and give my lines. The thoughts expressed by my mother are so powerful that I can easily connect with them.

Speaking about her career Aishwarya says, I have done regional work mostly in Marathi and also some work in Hindi. I personally feel that an artist’s work should not be restricted because of language. I want to be associated with a show in which I can give a message to our society and entertain the audience.