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So far, Corona has taken more than four lakh lives in the country

46,617 new cases, 853 deaths in 0-24 hours

The daily cases of corona virus in the country continue to fluctuate. In the last 24 hours, 46,617 new cases of corona virus were reported in the country and during this time 853 patients have succumbed to this dangerous virus. It is a matter of relief that the number of people recovering after beating Corona in the country is increasing rapidly and while the number of active patients is declining rapidly. At the same time, till now Corona has made four lakh people a waste of their time.

According to the latest data released by the Union Health Ministry, the number of infected people in the country increased to 3,04,58,251 after 46,617 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported on a single day. At the same time, the national rate of recovery of patients has crossed 97 percent. At the same time, after the death of 853 more people due to infection in the country, the number of people who lost their lives due to this epidemic has increased to 4,00,312. The number of patients under treatment in the country has also come down to 5,09,637, which is 1.67 percent of the total cases. The national recovery rate of patients has increased to 97.01 percent. In the last 24 hours, there has been a total decrease of 13,620 in the cases under treatment. The number of people who became infection free remained more than the new cases of infection for the 50th consecutive day. So far, a total of 2,95,48,302 people have become infection free. The death rate from Kovid-19 is 1.31 percent. There is a steady decline in the number of active cases in the country and this figure has now reached 509637. In the last 24 hours, 59,384 people have recovered from the corona virus. In this way, 2,95,48,302 people have been cured of corona virus so far. So far 34,00,76,232 vaccinations have been done in India. If we look at the number of people recovering from the corona virus, the recovery rate has increased to 97.1 percent. At the same time, the weekly positivity rate is at 2.57.
Most deaths in Maharashtra

According to the data, out of 853 people who died in the country in the last 24 hours, 252 people were from Maharashtra, 124 people from Kerala, 102 people from Tamil Nadu and 94 people from Karnataka. According to the ministry’s data, a total of 4,00,312 people have died due to infection in the country so far, including 1,22,197 people from Maharashtra, 35,134 people from Karnataka, 32,721 people from Tamil Nadu, 24,981 people from Delhi, 22,601 people from Uttar Pradesh. There were 17,735 people from West Bengal and 16,072 from Punjab.

Corona came on the slopes after increasing such havoc

The number of infected in the country had crossed 20 lakh on August 7 last year, 30 lakh on August 23 and more than 40 lakh on September 5. At the same time, the total cases of infection crossed 50 lakhs on 16th September, 60 lakhs on 28th September, 70 lakhs on 11th October, 80 lakhs on 29th October, 90 lakhs on 20th November. In the country, these cases crossed one crore on December 19, crossed two crore on May 4 and crossed three crore on June 23.