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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Demonstration of AAP against state government in support of state agitators

Aam Aadmi Party demonstrated against the BJP government of the state for not giving horizontal reservation in government jobs to Uttarakhand agitators. Party workers raised slogans against the state government, alleging that the High Court abolished horizontal reservation due to lack of strong representation from the BJP government in the High Court. Due to which the youth of the state, who contributed significantly in the formation of the state, have been deprived of getting government jobs. The Aam Aadmi Party gathered at Pahari Gali Chowk and raised slogans against the state government. Aam Aadmi Party alleged that since 2011, the matter was going on in the High Court regarding horizontal reservation. Then the BJP government did not do proper lobbying in the court. Due to which the High Court abolished the reservation in 2018. Said that the people of the state lost a lot in the Uttarakhand state movement. Some have lost their brother, some have lost their son and some have lost their sweetheart. The people of the state made great sacrifices. But now when it comes to government jobs in the state, due to the failures of the BJP government, people are not getting employment by abolishing horizontal reservation. Whereas in the BJP government, in nepotism, through the back door, their respective people are being filled on the vacant posts. Said that if the BJP government of the state had been the agitators and the benefactors of the state, then it would have made a law regarding horizontal reservation in the assembly. But she does not want to give horizontal reservation. Said that the BJP government is cheating the people. But in the upcoming assembly elections, the public will teach such a lesson to the politics of BJP’s deceit that BJP will be directly ousted from power. Former IG Anantram Chauhan, Manoj Chaudhary, Laxmikant Gautam, Advocate Gurmel Singh Rathod, Dimple Singh, Aarti Rana, Shalu Kumar, Mahendra Singh Chaudhary, Rampal Rathod, Ramesh Kumar, Meenu Pal, Som Wala, Mohammad Abdul, Armaan Hussain etc. are.