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Uttarakhand : Dhami’s 6 resolutions, 7 decisions

Government spokesperson Subodh Uniyal gave information about 6 resolutions and 7 decisions taken in the first cabinet meeting after the formation of the new government.
Following are the resolutions taken in the cabinet meeting :-

The government will ensure corruption free governance and is determined to provide transparent, sensitive and speedy services to the people of the state through maximum use of information and technology.
The government is determined to provide better employment opportunities to the youth, with this, on the one hand, employment opportunities will be provided to the youth in government services, on the other hand, self-employment opportunities will also be ensured to make the youth entrepreneurs.
The government is determined to strengthen and make health services accessible for the effective control of the global pandemic Kovid-19 and for the convenience of the common man.
For the convenience of the general public, the government is specially determined to benefit the general public through various public welfare schemes being run by the government in all the districts.