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Nearly 1,000 Afghan citizens take refuge in Tajikistan

Due to the increasing grip of the Taliban in Afghanistan, about 1,000 citizens of this country have fled to Tajikistan. Afghan Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad Zahir Aghabar gave this information on Friday. Afghan citizens have taken refuge in a refugee camp in Tajikistan.

With the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban continues to tighten their grip on this country and the situation is deteriorating. Amid the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the terrorist group Taliban has begun to take over the country, especially in the northern rural parts of the country. Aghbar wrote on his Facebook page that a refugee camp has been set up in Tajikistan in the area bordering Afghanistan.

The Afghan Ambassador visited the camp. About a thousand civilians have fled to this country after the Taliban took control of several districts of the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, bordering Tajikistan. Mr. Aghbar expressed his gratitude to the Government of Tajikistan for providing assistance to the Afghan people in this difficult time.