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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Dozens of youth joined Congress

A meeting of Congress Committee workers was organized in the city area. In this, State General Secretary Akil Ahmed got dozens of youths to join the party. He also appealed to the new workers to take the policies of the party to the people and work for the strength of the party. In a meeting held in Jamanpur on Thursday morning, State General Secretary Akil Ahmed welcomed the young workers to the party with garlands. He made the youth aware of the policies of the party and told them to work with honesty and loyalty towards the party. He said that only Congress would win the state in the upcoming assembly elections. During this, he also entrusted the responsibility of upcoming programs to the new workers. Rohil, Rahul, Shokeen, Amit, Ramesh, Rehman, Shahzad, Sohil, Kuldeep, Arshad, Shoyab, Raish etc. were present on this occasion.