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Asort Company’s app made co-commerce easy in the country

Asort Company’s co-commerce platform is a unique example of business community and Digital India in the country. This platform of Asort company is associated with industrialists, entrepreneurs, etc. coming from different areas of the country, which helps a lot in increasing their sales, better communication with the community members and customers and finding new options for their growth. . Now Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd..’s Asort company is going a step ahead to launch the Asort App, and in the same way, the business community associated with them will be more comfortable and they will grow faster. The Asort app is available on both iOS and Android, from where it can be downloaded and used. Even in the times of covid pandemic when everyone was going through financial crunch, Asort Company was the one platform that kept their business community motivated, helped them in sales and didn’t get disheartened with their business idea but boosted their confidence. .

Roshan Singh Bisht, CEO & Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt Ltd said, “Keeping in mind the convenience and ease of the customers and business owners, the app has been launched. The Asort app will help in connecting more business owners and customers.

The sections – Personal, Business, Dashboard, Team Analytics – found on the Asort app help users to evaluate their progress from business to business. The My Feed section on the Asort app is very useful for the user, under this section there are reviews from vendor partners, digital influencers, etc., which helps the user to analyze a lot. On the other hand, the dashboard section connects the business owners to the business volume, previous cycle revenue, credit available etc., which in a way helps in understanding both the growth scope and progress in his business. Similarly, many other options come up on exploring the sort app, which are very useful for the user.