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Paine has no sympathy for England players: Hussain

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has hit out at Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine, saying that Paine has no sympathy for England players. Hussain said he was proud of Joe Root’s team for keeping their morale high and honoring their Test commitment.

“Right now, it seems the England Test players are getting a lot of criticism, especially from Australia, about their attitude towards quarantine in the Ashes,” Hussain said. England have played 18 Test matches since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. This is five more than anyone else while 14 more than Australia.
He said, “I am very proud of the way the England Test team has carried themselves through difficult situations and spent time away from their families. This has affected mental health.

Hussain said that people in Australia are giving lectures to England cricketers and asking them to accept strict quarantine protocol during the Ashes series.

He said, the people of Australia have started giving lectures to the England cricketers and are asking them to agree to it. When Australian Test captain Paine spoke recently, I didn’t see any sympathy in him.

Paine recently commented on the England cricketers saying that no one is forcing them to play in the Ashes.
Hussain said, it is an honor for a professional cricketer to represent the country in a series like Ashes away from home. Some players have added extra burden on themselves by participating in the IPL. I understand but don’t lecture others how to behave unless you spend time in the bubble yourself.