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Uttar Pradesh : Ramjanki told the truth to PM Modi: The beneficiary of PM Awas said – had to get the house built on loan

Virtually interacted with the beneficiary of PM Awas-Urban Yojana for 2 minutes 22 seconds

Under the Urban Conclave that started in Lucknow on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the beneficiaries of PM Awas-Shahri Yojana. During this, he had a virtual conversation with Ram Janki Pal, a beneficiary of Kanpur, for 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

The PM first asked him the name and asked about when the house was built. Ram Janaki said that his house was built 2 years ago. On this, the PM said that the launch is happening today. Ram Janki’s entire family is very happy after talking to PM Modi.
“You told the truth, I like it”
During the dialogue, when the PM asked about the Prime Minister’s Self-Nidhi Yojana, Ram Janaki said, ‘I have got the benefit of it.’ After this, the PM asked Ramjanki what do you do, then Ramjanaki gave information about the business of selling milk. During this, he asked whether you people are doing digital transactions in milk sale or not? Responding to this question of the Prime Minister, Ram Janaki said that little by little happens. Only 2-4 people do. On this the PM said that women speak the truth. You really said, ‘I like it. But digital transactions have to increase further.

It took 8 months to get the money
Ram Janki built a house in Osmanpur village on 50 square yards of ancestral land. In the conversation, Ram Janaki told that he had applied 3 years ago in the Duda office in Vikas Bhavan. After 8 months the money was in the account.

She says that after this she started building houses. There were rooms downstairs. The money helped in getting plaster and finishing done in it and making the upper part. A two storey house has been built in 50 square yards. When there was less money to build a house, he got the house built by borrowing 80 thousand rupees from many people.

Ram Janki’s son Nilesh Pal told that 2 rooms, kitchen and bathroom are downstairs in the 2-storey house. Along with this, 2 rooms and hall and bathroom have been built in the upper part. The family consists of a younger brother Nitin and sister Nancy along with parents. The house is enough for 5 people. Gradually, in two years, the house was ready. DM Visakh ji and Municipal Commissioner Shivsharanappa GN were present during the program.