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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : UP government should be sacked: Sanjeev Chaudhary

Congress Outreach Committee member Sanjeev Chaudhary said that the incident in Lakhimpur Kheri in UP is highly condemnable. He said that the minister’s son, who was guilty of the incident, has not been arrested yet. While the leaders of the opposition who are going to know the condition of the victims are being stopped. He said that the UP government, which has failed to handle law and order, should be sacked immediately. The minister’s son guilty of the incident should be arrested and sent to jail and the minister should be sacked. While addressing a press conference in the Press Club, Sanjeev Chaudhary said that the law and order situation in UP has collapsed. Criminals are fearless. Efforts are being made to suppress the voice of the farmers opposing the agricultural laws. The way farmers were tortured in Lakhimpur Kheri. Never seen this before. There is a lot of anger among the farmers and general public of the whole country including Uttarakhand regarding this incident. He said that instead of taking action against the culprits, the BJP government is illegally arresting Congress General Secretary Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi who is going to join the grief of the victims’ families and the same is being done with the leaders of other opposition parties. He said that Congress will not back down no matter how many taxes the government takes. The honor of the country’s Annadata will be protected at all costs. Chowdhary said that in all the BJP-ruled states in the country, people are being heavily exploited and atrocities. Those who talk about justice and rights are being intimidated. In Uttarakhand, every section of the society including farmers, traders, labourers, women and government employees is troubled by the repressive policy of the government. Congress’s victory is certain in the assembly elections to be held next year. Senior leader PCC member Anil Bhaskar, Youth Congress District President Ravi Bahadur and Vikas Bohra were also present in the press conference.