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Uttarakhand : Those who have scars in their armpits, their exposed parts

Preparation to give big responsibility to the accused officer

Uttarakhand is one such state in the country which is run by only and only officers. Here the government is only in name. This is confirmed by a single department like Jal Nigam, where money was invested in several items in the name of the same project and when the matter cropped up, investigation was done against the officer who carried out the whole matter. It was also confirmed in the investigation that there was a mistake and the responsible officer was also convicted. But now efforts are being made to make the same officer the head of the department by giving promotion. Whereas in the previous investigation, this officer has been accused of many allegations including wastage of money.

Let us inform that in the year 2019, under the JNURM program under the Municipal Corporation Dehradun, the sewerage scheme was started in different zones. During this work MC Pant was looking after the work of General Manager. Arvind Singh Hayanki, the then Chairman of Drinking Water Corporation, investigated the amount released by him for this, and by adopting the rules and regulations on him, he indulged in unauthorized expenditure in the schemes, voluntarily against his plans against the financial hand book and Uttarakhand Procurement Manual. Allegations of over-expenditure of the sanctioned cost and excessive tax escalation through variation in the cost of contracts were proved. In this case, the then Chairman of the Corporation filed a charge sheet on 03 December 2019. The Investigating Officer also alleged that the JNURM program and the 13th Finance Commission schemes could not be completed and implemented till date due to erroneous planning of schemes, wastage and wastage of available funds. Due to this, the general public did not get its full benefit. Due to lack of planning and lack of interest in completing the unfinished work, the image of the corporation has been affected in monitoring the works in various meetings convened at the government level. The investigating officer made three serious allegations on SC Pant in this whole case and asked him to reply. It is being told that after this, preparations are being made to give big responsibility in the department to MC Pant by side-by-side. If sources are to be believed, this entire matter has been brought to the notice of the Chief Minister. On this, the Chief Minister has said to examine the whole matter.