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Retail inflation down to 4.35 percent

The consumer price index (CPI)-based retail inflation in September this year has come down by 2.02 per cent to 4.35 per cent from 7.27 per cent in the same month last year due to reduction in food prices in the country. According to the data released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation on Tuesday, retail inflation stood at 4.35 percent in September 2021 as compared to 7.27 percent in September 2020. Similarly, in August 2021, the CPI-based retail inflation rate stood at 5.30 per cent.
Rural level retail inflation has come down from 7.36 per cent to 4.13 per cent and urban inflation has come down from 7.26 per cent to 4.57 per cent during the period under review. Rural inflation stood at 5.28 per cent and urban inflation at 5.32 per cent in August this year. The figures for September are provisional while the figures for August released are final.

Retail inflation declined in September due to a sharp fall in consumer goods prices (CFPI). While CFPI is 10.68 percent in September 2020, this rate has come down to 0.68 percent in September 2021. It was 3.11 percent in August 2021.