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Mithila Palkar opens up about her character Kavya in Little Things

With the fourth and final season of the web-series Little Things coming to an end, actress Mithila Palkar talks about her character Kavya in the Netflix show and shares memories from the show. Looking at the way Kavya flourished in the last season, Mithila said that she had started getting a little unsure about what Kavya wanted to do in life.

The first season ended at a point where she was still confused about her job whether she should do what she is doing or not. She also has this conversation with Dhruv, where she says that I am quitting my job, and just wants to see where life takes me.

She said that in the second season, I remember she had grown up a bit, their relationship had grown a bit and she had found the job of her dreams, she got a very good salary. In the third season, I think she has become quite an adult, because she has an understanding not only of herself, but of everything that happens around her.

Mithila feels that her character has just grown up as a person.

He said that I personally connected with Kavya the most from the third season