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Uttar Pradesh / Ayodhya : Ramlila staged in Khapraila Bazar of Bikapur area

Viewers drenched in Ram Maya and devotion
Ram Lakhan Soorpanakha dialogue captivated the audience

Ravana’s sister Supanakha comes to Shri Ram with a marriage proposal. When Shri Ram rejects the marriage proposal, she goes to Lakshmana with a marriage proposal, failing which she takes a formidable form and tries to attack Sita. Then Lakshman ji cut off his nose and ears, a crying snake goes to his brother Khardusan, the whole story told that brother two boys Ram Lakhan have come to this Panchavati, along with a Sita named Sukumari, I went to meet him. Younger brother Lakshmana cut off my nose and ears, got angry and went there with Khardushan army and fought fiercely in which he was killed along with such army, helpless helpless Supankha went to his brother Ravana and told the whole situation Ravana said this news what is this misconduct Didn’t tell Khardusan that his arena was there. She says that brother, I went and told him, then he did a fierce struggle for a moment, that ascetic did all the work. Concerned Ravana said when a single force killed so many heroes, it was definitely proved that Narayan incarnated this death, not salvation. and goes to his maternal uncle Marich with his devious policy, asks him to become a golden deer and go to Sita ji, Shri Ram ji chases the golden deer and kills him, only then Marich ha ram ha ram kar karna na voice Screams after hearing the compassionate voice of Rama, Sita terrified Lakshmana while sending Lakshmana to him, and then Ravana begs for alms in the guise of a sage and kidnaps Sita and takes her to Lanka by Pushpak Vimana. Hearing the scene of Haran and their cries, the eyes of the women sitting in the audience were lit up. Senior Ramlila manager Rajesh Singh told that the Ramlila staged by the artists was greatly appreciated by the audience. Regional leaders including Parikshit Singh, Ramkishore Gaur, Awadhesh Gaur, Rahul Singh etc. successfully organized Ramlila. This is being done with the special cooperation of Nata.