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Uttarakhand : Vegetable prices are skyrocketing, how will the poor man eat

Dehradun : Inflation has hit the people of the capital Dehradun another. Vegetable prices are skyrocketing. Because of this, the budget of the kitchen has deteriorated. A vendor of Niranjanpur Sabzi Mandi says that the price of tomato in bulk is Rs 60 per kg. Explaining the reason behind the increase in prices, the shopkeeper says that the production of vegetables has been affected due to the rains. Apart from this, the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel are also the main reason for this. In fact, the fares for freight vehicles have increased. Vegetable vendors have increased their prices due to the transportation of vegetables coming from outside.

According to the information received, the prices of tomatoes are increasing rapidly in the retail market. Tomato in the mandi is Rs 60 per kg and in the retail market its price has gone up to Rs 80 per kg or more. Apart from this, the prices of other green vegetables have also increased rapidly. Along with this, onion prices have also increased. Due to the increase in the price of vegetables, people have to lighten their pockets. There has also been a jump in the prices of vegetables in Niranjanpur Sabzi Mandi. Tomato prices have also increased sharply. Tomato, which was sold in bulk up to Rs 20 a kg a month ago, has now reached Rs 60. The reason for this is that tomatoes are being sold in retail markets for Rs 80 per kg.

In Vikasnagar and Mussoorie, adjacent to Doon, the distance of onions and tomatoes from the kitchen has started increasing. The onion which was earlier being sold at Rs 25 to 30 per kg has jumped to the level of Rs 70 to 80. Traders say that in the coming time, its price cannot be ruled out further. At the same time, tomato had reached the price of Rs 100 per kg three days ago. Earlier it was Rs 30, which was sold on Friday at Rs 80 per kg.