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Uttarakhand / Vikasnagar : Inspected the newly built temple of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj

To inspect the newly built temple of Chalda Maharaj located in Samalta, the beazir of the temple and the villagers reached the temple. Chalda Maharaj will reach the temple on 23rd October. For the preparation of which, Bazir and the villagers discussed among themselves.

Bazir Diwan Singh of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj arrived in Samalta to inspect the newly built temple. Inspected the temple together with Sadar Sayana Arjun Singh Tomar of Khat Samalta and Sardar Singh Tomar, President of the temple committee and Khatwasis. Bazir Diwan Singh said that Chalda Maharaj would reach the Samalta temple on November 23. Earlier on October 28, Daria Maharaj would come to the Samalta temple for consecration. Said that the construction work which is to be done should be completed soon. After the consecration, the construction work of the temple will be completely banned. On this occasion Chatar Singh, Bhav Singh, Gopal Tomar, Shoorveer Singh, Janak Singh Sardar Singh, Pratap Singh, Shamsher Singh etc. are present.