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Dentist-actress Miloni Jhonsa made her dream debut with Rashmi Rocket

Actress Miloni Jhonsa is receiving a lot of love from the audience for playing the captain of the Indian athletic team in Taapsee Pannu starrer Rashmi Rocket. According to him, this is his dream debut as the film has grabbed the attention of the audience for all the good reasons and has brought him into limelight.

A dentist by profession, Miloni decided to change his career after realizing his dreams. But, like every story, its initial phase was full of conflict and rejection, which is an integral part of any actor’s life.

The opportunity came to him when he least expected it from this project. Dentist-turned-actress Miloni went to a casting agency to audition for another Ajay Devgn film. When she was returning from the audition, she was approached by a casting assistant of Rashmi Rocket to read a few lines from the film.

Talking about his illustrious experience, he said that the casting of Rashmi Rocket was already called off in January 2020. But due to the lockdown, the film was stopped after its first schedule. Eventually, when he started shooting again in November 2020.

I was asked to do two scenes with Varun sir (Badola), who plays my father in the film and was immediately sent to director Akarsh Khurana. He liked my audition but was told that I would be informed if I was selected, and a day later he got a call, after which his whole world changed.

Miloni said that I auditioned on Friday and I was informed on Saturday that I had been selected for the role.
Talking about his experience of physical training for the film, he said that the first schedule did not require me to run like an athlete, but in the latter scene I had to run like that. So, we shot the first schedule of the film and then I trained to be a runner.

After her stellar debut, Miloni is expected to get more roles which will help in showcasing her acting skills.