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Supreme Court expressed displeasure, said – cannot play with people’s lives

The court dismissed a petition filed by the Supreme Court to allow people who have had Covaxin to vaccinate CoviShield. Justice DY Chandrachud, who was hearing the petition, said that we cannot play with people’s lives by giving such an order.

Wait for WHO’s decision
Justice Chandrachud said that the news has come to know that Bharat Biotech has applied to the WHO. A decision will be taken on this soon but till then wait for the WHO’s decision. The Supreme Court said that it is risky to interfere in such petitions. It is better to look at the situation to see what is happening. The matter will be heard after Diwali.

Petitioner’s argument
Advocate Karthik Seth had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. In this, he said that many students and people want to go abroad but they are not being allowed to enter because WHO has not yet recognized Covaxin. He said that after Covaxin vaccination, a person is not allowed to register on Covin and get the Covishield vaccine.

On this, Justice DY Chandrachud said that we do not have any data related to this. We cannot ask the Center to re-vaccinate people. We cannot play with people’s lives like this. Newspapers have learned that Bharat Biotech has applied to the WHO which will take a decision on this. Wait for the verdict.