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Assam and Bengal increased the tension, the center gave a big warning to the states

Rapidly increasing corona cases in Assam and West Bengal (Virus Positivity Shows Spike) have increased the concern of the Central Government. In view of the increase in infection cases and weekly infection rate and decrease in testing, the Center has warned the state governments. He said that while emphasizing on strict implementation of COVID guidelines (Increase Testing, Enforce Covid Norms), he has asked to review these parameters. In a letter to the Chief Secretaries of Assam and West Bengal on October 26, Aarti Ahuja, Additional Secretary, Union Health Ministry, pointed out the increase in new cases for the week from last week (October 20-26) and the cases of infection from last four weeks to October 25. exposed early signs of an increase in

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote a letter to West Bengal on October 22 and expressed concern over the rise in cases of infection in Kolkata after Durga Puja earlier this month. In a letter to Assam, Ahuja said there was a 41% increase in weekly new cases from last week (October 20-26). There have also been signs of an increase in the spread of infection for the last four weeks. It was 1.89% between September 28-October 4, which increased to 2.22% between October 19-25.

At the same time, between September 28 and October 4, 1,64,071 samples were tested in the state, while between October 19 and 25, 1,27,048 samples were tested. The state needs to increase the investigation amid the increase in the cases of infection. In Assam, Barpeta and Kamrup metro districts have been reported to be under concern with cases of COVID-19 and weekly infection cases.

Similarly p. Kolkata and Howrah in Bengal have also been said to be under concern due to the high incidence of infection. Ahuja said that there was a 41% increase in weekly new cases in West Bengal since last week. Last week, 6,040 cases were reported between October 20-26, while 4,277 cases were reported from October 13-19. At the same time, in West Bengal, 2,62,319 samples were tested between September 28 and October 4, while 2,61,515 samples were tested between October 19-25.