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Earthquake in Arunachal Pradesh, magnitude 3.5 on Richter scale

There has just been an earthquake in Arunachal Pradesh. Earthquake tremors were felt in Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh at 12.44 minutes. According to the National Center for Seismology, the magnitude of this earthquake in Tawang area was 3.5 on the Richter scale. As of now, no casualties have been reported so far. It is believed that no major damage has been caused by this tremor.

What to do in case of earthquake?
If you are at home after an earthquake, try to sit on the floor.
Or if you have a table or furniture in your house, then sit under it and cover your head with your hand.
Stay indoors during an earthquake and only go out after the tremors have stopped.
During an earthquake, turn off all power switches in the house.

What not to do when an earthquake occurs?

Don’t forget to use the lift during an earthquake.
If you are at home when an earthquake strikes, stay away from doors, windows and walls.
If you are at home during an earthquake, do not go out. Try to protect yourself where you are.
If you are out of the house during an earthquake, try to stay away from tall buildings and electric poles.