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Uttarakhand / Kotdwar : Excise inspector caught illegal liquor worth one and a half lakh in the month of October

In the campaign to free the district from illegal liquor business by District Magistrate Pauri, the Inspector of Excise Vertical to Kotdwar Anand Singh Chauhan and his team, in the campaign to free the district from the business of illicit liquor, in the month of October under the Mission Dussehra Deepawali festival, approx. Succeeded in catching illegal liquor costing one and a half lakhs. Let us tell you that strictly following the strict guidelines of District Magistrate Pauri, the Excise Inspector and his team of Kotdwar area caught 116 illegal English liquor from Nimbuchad Kotdwar in the month of October. , managed to catch 13 bottles from Simbhal Chaud, 53 from Dhotiyal, 96 from Tolyudanda, 56 from Kalalghati, while from Ghattu Ghat, from 10 liters of raw drain skin, from 30 liters of raw ward, caught 13 bottles of illegal liquor in a month. The quantity of liquor caught shows the positive working method of Inspector Anand Singh Chauhan of the department, in which the day when the liquor traders have come to their noses.