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9 hundred posts of Home Guard will be filled soon in Uttarakhand, more opportunities for women, preparations to remove old and unfit

There is good news for the youth of Uttarakhand. Home Guard Commandant General IG Kewal Khurana said that 100 Home Guards would be recruited in the state soon. Commandant General-Home Guards IG Kewal Khurana said that there are six and a half thousand posts of Home Guards in Uttarakhand, out of which 56 hundred posts are filled and only 239 of them are women, while their number should be more.

For this, a proposal was sent to the Central Directorate of Home Guards to make 10 percent posts of women. He has agreed to this. Now soon nine hundred vacant posts will be recruited, out of which four hundred and 11 posts will be reserved for women. So that, their number becomes 650 by ten percent. Apart from this, men will be recruited in the remaining posts.

Preparing to remove old and unfit home guards
According to Commandant General Kewal Khurana, the central government has also given approval to gradually increase the number of women home guards to 33 percent i.e. 2,145. But, it should be within the total sanctioned posts i.e. six and a half thousand. That is, after the recruitment of nine hundred posts, the number of women in this department will increase to 650. Whereas, 1495 posts for 2145 women home guards will have to be filled in future. Its preparation has started.

The Commandant Home Guard General said that nine hundred posts would be recruited. Its proposal is being sent to the government. Women will be given 10% quota. Older male home guards will be thrown out.