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Uttarakhand : Mahendra Bhatt took a jibe at Congress’ silent performance, Bhatt said – Congress kept silence due to action on scams and marginalization in Haridwar

BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt took a jibe at the Congress’s silent demonstration in Haridwar and said that the Congress is distraught and has gone into silence after the swift action of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami on the scams and being marginalized in the Haridwar civic elections. Bhatt said that earlier corruption was often discussed in the state, but now action is being taken which is historic. When the investigation of the Subordinate Selection Service Commission was handed over to the STF, the Congressmen were calling it ostentatious and ostentatious, but the STF proved them wrong by disclosing the cases and acting without pressure. Bhatt said that people’s confidence in the investigating agencies has also increased. The CM has made it clear on the very first day that no matter how influential he is or his own and alien, he will not be forgiven. Bhatt said the investigating agency was doing its job well and was given a free hand. The proceedings so far have proved that the Dhami government has acted impartially and without clocking time and is taking serious steps against corruption. This action will safeguard the interest of youth and general public.

He said that the people’s confidence has increased more due to the decisions of the Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami government. The delirium and silence of the Congress in Haridwar is the result of this. In Haridwar, the opposition did not get any option for the post of 5 Block Chief, Zip President and Deputy President. Bhatt said that BJP is working with service intent and that is the reason it is earning the blessings of the people.