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Uttar Pradesh / Jaunpur: The groom increased the amount of dowry as soon as he got a job in the army, the bride’s side became dry, the matter reached the police

After getting a job in the army in Jaunpur district, the ground slipped under the feet of the bride’s side after the information about the increase in the demand of dowry of the groom came to the fore. When the police came to know about this matter, after registering a case, a case has been registered against the accused. After joining the army in Kerakat, the groom increased the amount of dowry, after which the girl asked for the amount of dowry given in Tilak, then the groom refused to give the amount. After the refusal, the girl filed a case against the groom in Kotwali against the groom. At the same time, after being admitted, the discussion about the price increased by the groom is in full swing.

The marriage of Pooja Yadav, a resident of Atraura village of the area, was fixed with Shravan Kumar Yadav, a resident of Khutwa of Shadiabad police station in Ghazipur. The girl’s father Nagendra Yadav gave six lakh rupees in Tilak as a dowry. Meanwhile, the bridegroom Shravan Kumar joined the army. As soon as he joined the army, Shravan Kumar increased the amount of dowry, and there was a demand for four lakh rupees. Threatened to break the marriage if the money was not paid. On which the girl’s side demanded the return of six lakh rupees given in Tilak for not marrying.

The groom’s side refused to pay the amount and started abusing. On asking for the money, he started threatening to kill. After which the girl reached the Kotwali and lodged a complaint against the young man. After which the police is investigating the matter by registering a case against the accused Shravan Kumar Yadav under several sections including blasphemy, threatening to kill.