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Suspected of eating human flesh in Kerala male sacrifice, one dead body was cut into 56 pieces

A case of murder of two women has come to light in Kerala. There has been a sensational disclosure of the matter of sacrifice in this massacre. The police suspect that the accused couple has also eaten the meat of those women. Significantly, the police had arrested three accused massage therapist Bhagwal Singh, his wife Laila and their agent Mohammad Shafi yesterday. It has come to the fore in the investigation that the accused couple made human sacrifices to gain money and fame through tantra-mantra. Shafi lured the two women to the accused’s house where they were sacrificed and buried. After this incident, the police is also investigating the missing people case in the last few days.

According to the police, the victims Rosselin and Padma were tied and tortured before being strangled. The police chief said that the women’s breasts were cut off and blood was allowed to flow. A woman’s body was cut into 56 pieces. Body parts have been recovered from three pits. Police said that this human sacrifice was done to end financial troubles. Police said that Roslyn went missing in June and Padma in September.

Police has constituted a special team to investigate the matter. The couple and their agent have been sent to police custody till October 26. The police was investigating Padma’s disappearance when it came to know about these murders. The women’s phones were found with agent Mohammed Shafi, who admitted to kidnapping during interrogation. The police commissioner said that during our investigation regarding the missing women, it was found that they were murdered at the couple’s house in Thiruvalla and the body was cut into pieces and buried. It was a case of human sacrifice for financial gain. The accused were arrested on Tuesday. Senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar has targeted the CPI(M)-led government of Kerala, condemning the incident of sacrifice of both the women. He said that crimes against women are increasing in the state.