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Uttar Pradesh : People said – even the Peepal tree could not bear the grief of Netaji’s death! Crash happened without a storm at the time of the funeral

As soon as the funeral of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the socialist leader who reigned in the hearts, began, suddenly a 100-year-old Peepal tree in Saifai village also collapsed without any storm. The fall of this tree before the funeral may have been a coincidence, but the villagers are discussing this incident by linking it with Netaji.

Peepal tree collapsed at the funeral

A 100-year-old Peepal tree was standing near the Paramedical College in Saifai village. Here Mulayam Singh Yadav and his family used to come to worship. In the month of Sawan, all the people of the house also used to come to worship. On Tuesday afternoon, Netaji’s body was brought from Saifai Mahotsav pandal to the funeral site, when the Peepal tree also suddenly collapsed. During this there was neither strong wind nor thunderstorm or storm. The fall of the tree may have been a mere coincidence but the discussions in the village have gained momentum.

There was a tree in Saifai Math temple

According to the elderly villagers, this tree was not very big in Mulayam Singh’s childhood. Later on it gradually became bigger and denser. There was a discussion among the people of Saifai that the tree also grew up with Mulayam Singh and was a childhood friend. It is said that there is life in the tree and perhaps even the tree could not bear the sorrow of Netaji’s death.

Surendra Babu, the priest of the temple located near a hundred-year-old tree, told that the idols of Shiva, Hanuman and Shani Dev are seated in the Saifai Math temple. It is recognized in the whole village and most of the auspicious works begin with worship here.

Netaji often used to sit in the shade of the tree

Temple priest Surendra Babu told that Mulayam Singh Yadav also often used to come to the temple without any protection from home and worship and used to sit under the shade of Peepal tree. Sitting here, he felt peace of mind and was very attached. On Tuesday, this tree suddenly uprooted and fell from the root. Kuldeep of the village says that the Peepal tree was very old. The falling of the tree at the time of the funeral indicates the attachment to Netaji somewhere.