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Uttarakhand : CM Pushkar Singh Dhami felicitated the women of the Self Help Group in Saras Mele

Dhoop khilte hi saras mele me logan ki moba umd padi. On Thursday, a large number of people flocked to the fair to shop. Karwa fourth ko leker bazaar rahe log mele ka kar rahe hain rukh. Due to continuous rain in the past few days, people were dying less. Pahari dal, woolen cloths, pickles, decorations are the most popular purchases. Shani from Himachal, who set up a stall in the fair, said that the sale is slowly increasing. On this first Wednesday, racecourse k Bannu school ground chal rahe saras mele ki satavini sham folk singer Sangeeta Dhaundiyal ke geeton ke naam ke rahi. During this CM Pushkar Singh Dhami also felicitated the women of Self Help Group.

On Wednesday, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami and Technical Education Minister Subodh Uniyal inaugurated the cultural evening by lighting the lamp. The CM said that it is necessary to organize fairs like this. While this protects our cultural heritage, it also provides a market for self-help groups to sell their products. After this, folk singer Sangeeta Dhaundiyal started ‘Nanda Geet Teri Doli Saji Gayi Maa Se Cultural Evening’ with her team. This was followed by a brilliant rendition of the songs ‘Hai Kakhdi Jhil Ma Lun Piso Sil Ma, ‘Dhol Damo Bajigena, Dagdya Ki Barati Ma, ‘Pandon Khela Paso, ‘Teri Khutyon Ma Lagini Kutgyali and ‘Bedo Pako Baramasa… CDO Jarna Kamthan, Project Director Aarti Tiwari, DDO Sushil Mohan Doval etc. were present on this occasion.