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Uttar Pradesh / Prayagraj : Inspector ji gave clarification when VIDEO came out, removing LED bulb, VIDEO went viral

Recently in Kanpur, a policeman was seen in a video stealing the mobile of a sleeping man. After this incident, the UP Police had not even stopped being gritty that since then fingers have started being raised on the Uttar Pradesh Police due to a new case coming to the fore. In fact, a CCTV footage of Phulpur in Prayagraj has surfaced online, in which an inspector steals an LED bulb.

The CCTV footage going viral is from last week, when a policeman in UP stole an LED bulb and fled. In the video, the policeman is seen pretending to walk near the bulb, then walks over to it. The policeman slowly opens the bulb and keeps it with him. However, this video which is now going viral has brought this incident of theft to the fore.

People took a jibe at the video

The theft video of this sub-inspector posted in the police station Phulpur district Prayagraj has gone viral online. People are giving their reactions on the video. One user wrote that, “The policeman stole the LED bulb and kept it in his pocket, he did not know that his action was being captured in CCTV.” Another user wrote that, “This incident has tarnished the image of the police department.” Another user said, “The sub-inspector should be identified and booked for theft.”

Suspended inspector

This video of Phulpur (Phoolpur Viral Video) is being told about the time of Bharat Milap to be held in Dussehra. At the same time the duty of this policeman was engaged in the fair when he carried out this petty theft incident. Now theft is theft, whether it is big or small. If it is stolen, then it has to bear the consequences. Exactly the same happened with this policeman. After the video went viral, the policeman has been suspended by the SSP and ordered a thorough investigation into the matter.

What has the inspector said

However, the accused inspector, while presenting his side, has denied this allegation outright. He has argued that he started taking naps while on duty at night. The light of the bulb was falling on his face and when there was no switch to turn off the bulb around there, he got upset and removed the bulb itself. He further told that after removing the bulb, it was also kept near the shop there. He had not committed any theft, but still the arguments of the inspector have been ignored and he has been suspended.