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Uttarakhand : FDA raids on many dairy establishments and sweet shops in the capital Dehradun, samples sent for investigation

In view of the Diwali festival season, action is being taken on adulteration of food items and ingredients. The raids of Dehradun Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Vigilance are going on. In this sequence, surprise inspections were conducted in dairy establishments and sweet shops of Dehradun. During this, 5 samples were collected and sent to Government Rudrapur Lab for quality check.

Dehradun Food Safety Officer PC Joshi said that under the direction of Deputy Commissioner, Food Safety and Drugs Administration, Garhwal Mandal, the process of tightening the noose against the adulterers is going on. On the other hand, all the sweet manufacturers and dairy vendors have been instructed that they will follow the condition of quality products and hygiene in their respective establishments during Diwali festival. According to Dehradun Food Safety Officer PC Joshi, the Food Safety Vigilance team will continue to conduct sampling and inspection against the adulterers of food items.

Cases registered against 170 adulterers in 8 months: According to Ramesh Singh, senior officer of the District Food Safety Team, 170 cases have been registered in the Additional District Officer Court in the last 8 months, tightening the noose against adulteration in food items. During this time 8 cases have been registered in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate against the suppliers of substandard, adulterated and cheese. Proceedings are going on under the court process in all the cases.